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This is our #1 auto paint renewal and paint color enhancer packaged in an easy Do-It-Yourself kit. Whether it's fine scratches, oxidation, pits or other small abrasions, these imperfections will be minimized and virtually gone without the use of buffers or mechanical tools. NOW ON SALE FOR 20% OFF

Color Revive Scratch Treatment - DIY Kit

SKU: 364215376135191
$189.99 Regular Price
$151.99Sale Price
  • REVIVE™ Color Revive Scratch Treatment is for minor scratches and oxidation.  

    DIY REVIVE™ Kit contents include:

    ·      4oz of Revive (pop up/push down top)

    ·      4oz of Smoothie (spray bottle)

    ·      1 clay bar

    ·      2 microfiber towels

    ·      5 applicator towels

    ·      1 childproof lockbox

    ·      care and cleaning instructions


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