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Paint Correction & Paint Protection
For Pre-Owned Vehicles & Watercrafts

What makes


hybrid coating unique?

LUMISHIELD is our flagship product used for heavy damage to clear coats on pre-owned units. It is equipped with innovative technology that has been tested and proven to fix a number of existing conditions to clear coats without getting a new paint job.

Our innovative hand-applied, self-leveling clear coat will PERMANENTLY REMOVE all scratches, scuffs, oxidation and road rash bringing the vehicle's paint back to factory condition.

Used on any type of pre-owned unit, by adding LUMISHIELD to your existing finish on your vehicle or boat, we guarantee to correct  oxidation, rubbing/scuffs, swirls, improper polishing, acid rain, or any other clear coat damage while renewing the look and shine of your auto or boat back to the day you fell in love with it!
It's no wonder LUMISHIELD is the benchmark of the auto and marine correction and protection coating industry.

Take a step into the future with our innovative coating and get that brand-new look back again.

Request LUMISHIELD for heavy damage to automotive clear coat.


Paint Color Enhancer


What makes REVIVE PAINT RESTORATION top-notch?
REVIVE™ Paint Restoration is our #1 auto paint renewal and paint color enhancer. Whether it's fine scratches, oxidation, pits or other small abrasions, these imperfections will be minimized and virtually gone without the use of buffers or mechanical tools.

Only one application of REVIVE™ Paint Restoration is needed to repair surface scratches that have not gone through the vehicle's base coat saving you lots of time and money.

No matter how faded your car's auto paint color is, we have the expertise and high quality formulated paint color enhancer to restore it back to showroom shine.

Best of all, it's versatile and compatible to be used along with touch-up paint.

Request REVIVE™ PAINT RESTORATION for color revive scratch treatment and auto paint color enhancer to automotive clear coat.

Auto Paint Protection
For Brand-New Cars & Watercrafts

What makes


 best for brand-new units?

Everyone hates to see their new prized item dirty and scratched up or even worse... with oxidized paint from environmental hazards and heavy UV exposure.

LUMISHIELD offers many benefits and real longevity to shine and protect all types of new cars, trucks, motorcycles and watercrafts alike.


In fact, LUMISHIELD contains the industry’s leading hydrophobic effects that will allow your vehicle or watercraft to stay cleaner longer.

Additionally, our LUMISHIELD technology has many resistive features and guarantees your car or boat keeps its shine and stays looking brand-new! With 20x UV protection and resistance to scratches, scuffs, and scrapes, there's no more worrying about your new investment's appearance. It will be astonishingly flawless! 

Request LUMISHIELD for years of protection for your brand-new vehicles and boats finish coating.