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Paint Correction & Paint Protection
For Distributors and Authorized Dealers Only

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What makes


hybrid coating second to none?

Mind-Blowing Innovative Technology

  • 75x Thicker & Stronger Than Ceramics

  • Zero Maintenance, No Re-Coating

  • The Last Protective & Corrective Coating You'll Ever Need Period

  • Hybrid Coating for New & Used Units

LUMISHIELD Pro HC is our flagship product used for heavy damage to clear coats on pre-owned units. It is equipped with innovative technology that has been tested and proven to fix a number of existing conditions to clear coats without getting a new paint job.

Our innovative hand-applied, self-leveling clear coat will PERMANENTLY REMOVE 99.9% all scratches, scuffs, oxidation and road rash bringing the vehicle's paint back to factory condition.

By adding LUMISHIELD Pro HC to your existing finish on your pre-owned vehicle or boat, we guarantee to correct oxidation, rubbing/scuffs, swirls, improper polishing, acid rain, or any other clear coat damage while renewing the look and shine of your auto or boat back to the day you fell in love with it!
It's no wonder LUMISHIELD Pro HC is the benchmark of the auto and marine correction and protection coating industry.

Take a step into the future with our innovative hybrid coating and get that brand-new look back again.

Request LUMISHIELD Pro HC for heavy damage to automotive clear coat.

Paint Correction
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DIY - Do It Yourself
Auto Paint Renewal


What makes LUMICLEAR Paint Restoration top-notch?
LUMICLEAR™ Paint Restoration is our #1 auto paint renewal and paint color enhancer. Whether it's fine scratches, oxidation, pits or other small abrasions, these imperfections will be minimized and virtually gone without the use of buffers or mechanical tools. Now available as a Do-It-Yourself Kit! 

Only one application of LUMICLEAR™ Paint Restoration is needed to repair surface scratches that have not gone through the vehicle's base coat saving you lots of time and money.

No matter how faded your car's auto paint color is, we have the expertise and high quality formulated paint color enhancer to restore it back to showroom shine.

Best of all, it's versatile and compatible to be used along with touch-up paint.

Request LUMICLEAR™ Paint Restoration for color revive scratch treatment and auto paint color enhancer to automotive clear coat.

Color Revive Scratch Treatment
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Highly Rated~Fully Insured
For Cars, Watercrafts, & Planes

What makes our

Mobile Service

better than the rest?

We go above and beyond in order to show our clients why we’re the best option for their needs, which include special features to ensure their top satisfaction. Read below to learn more, and contact us with questions.

We Come To You! 

Whether it's a sports car at a private residence, a fleet of vehicles at a country clubhouse, a plane parked in a hangar, or a boat at the marina, we travel anywhere our clients need us to give them convenient luxury service on the go. Our hybrid coating can be applied on a panel or the entire vehicle. 


Mobile Services - Exterior

  • We Remove Scratches

  • We Fix Swirl Marks

  • We Eliminate Oxidation

  • We Revive Faded Paint (Learn About DIY Revive)

  • We Repair Paint Chips in Clear Coats

  • We Restore Headlights, Wheels, & Tire Shine

  • We Apply Protective Coatings

  • We Install Lumishield Pro Hybrid Coating (Complete Paint Protection)


Best Mobile Service - 100% Satisfaction 

Our prompt service, eco-friendly products, and highly qualified technicians makes our mobile service better than the rest.


Request Mobile Detailing for convenient luxury detailing service on the go.


Mobile Detailing
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