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This premium fine-grade clay bar effectively cleans and pulls out contaminants such as dirt, iron deposits, bugs, and tree sap in your vehicle's clear coat leaving your top coat paint incredibly smooth. Use this clay bar to make the application of wax or sealant much easier and increase the bond that waxes and sealants have with your vehicle's paint so they last longer. Best results if used with Lumishield Pro's Clay Wash, sold separately.

Clay Bar

SKU: 364215375135191
  • How to use this clay bar:

    • Wash and dry your car.
    • Flatten your clay out to fit flat in your hand.
    • Spray a small area of a single panel, around 2 square feet, with Lumishield Pro Clay Wash, or a clay lubricant of choice.
    • Lightly rub the clay back and forth on the lubricated paint.
    • Rub the clay back and forth until you no longer feel any resistance or hear friction. This means the paint is clean.
    • Wipe off the area you just worked with a quality microfiber towel.
    • Feel the surface with your fingertips. It should feel smooth. If not, repeat the claying process again.
    • When the surface of the clay starts to look dirty, fold it in, to reveal a clean surface to proceed with.
    • PRO TIP: Once you complete the clay process for all panels intended, re-wash the vehicle to remove any residue left behind by the clay and clay lubricant.
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