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In this new era of breakthrough innovative technologies for auto paint restoration and auto paint protection, LUMISHIELD PRO is the #1 automotive coating company in the USA.

INTRODUCING icon rocklear

Icon Rocklear



amazing paint correction.

unmatched leading PAINT PROTECTION.

This clear coat has been scientifically confirmed and has amazing paint correction with an unmatched paint protection. ICON ROCKLEAR out performs all other coatings all day long! No other coating in the world will protect your auto paint like ICON ROCKLEAR. Just send us your worst and we'll put our money where our mouth is. 

the perfect alternative paint job

Instead of getting your car or boat repainted, have you considered an alternative to getting a new paint job? You should consider ICON ROCKLEAR, an environmental conscious alternative to repainting or refinishing your car and boat.

With the help of top industry leaders and visionaries, scientific research and the TOUGHLON™ development team, LUMISHIELD PRO provides superior professional grade industry products and a permanent solution to fixing common auto paint imperfections like faded car paint, dull paint, chipped auto paint, removing scratches from car paint, scuffed paint, and oxidized paint.


With our same day service coupled with years of experienced auto paint technicians, LUMISHIELD PRO has become the automotive industry leader in automotive paint restoration and paint protection by providing alternative new car paint saving you tons of money from not having to repaint your car.


LUMISHIELD PRO'S flagship product - ICON ROCKLEAR - is an automotive surface solution that works at the sub-microscopic level to correct any paint imperfections while creating a hydrophobic seal. The result? Vivid auto paint color with intense visual clarity and an extremely strong, scratch-resistant exterior for years of protection.

Professional Paint Restoration

Everlasting Paint Protection

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