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We are not a quick dent and ding removal company nor are we auto body mechanics. Instead, we are specialists in innovative automotive coatings, auto paint restoration, and auto paint protection. Our services are designed to maintain or increase the resale value of your vehicles. Our service brings the happiness and joy everyone experiences the first time they drive a brand-new car off the dealership showroom floor. Join our customers and chant alongside us, "Showroom Shine, Every Time!"

automotive paint problems we fix

Image by JD Weiher
Oxidation / Faded Paint

Need a New Paint Job? Forgetaboutit!

LUMICLEAR is our flagship clear coat equipped with innovative technology that has been tested and proven to fix oxidation without getting a new paint job.

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Car Marks.JPG
Paint Chips / Scratch Repair

Auto Paint Chips, Scratches & Swirl Marks

No matter what condition your car's auto paint is in, we have the expertise and uniquely formulated products

to remove it all.

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Image by Håkon Sataøen
Damage From Harsh Weather

Keep it Looking


Protect your auto paint and investment from harsh elements like winter snow, acid rain, road rash, and the scorching hot sun that eats away causing damage.

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